WE THINK: Thousand Sails pass the Sunken Boat; Forest Flourishes in front of the Sickly Tree

Correction" is an ability that investors must possess, but it is also the most difficult ability for investors to cultivate! Because in many classic books on value investing, there is a similar passage: "For the company you truly believe in, you should be happy when the stock price drops, because th


WE THINK: Chinese Equities Gaining Attention Again

At this moment, it is suitable to revisit Warren Buffett's famous quote: "Don't wait until economic data turns positive to buy stocks; by then, you will have missed out on the market's big rally."


WE THINK: The Market is Developing Amidst Hesitations

"Buy a little during the trough with a compassionate heart, and step back when everyone is scrambling!" Perhaps the results of investment and financial management will undergo significant changes.


WE THINK: Is the Bear Market Over?

Our view of the market is also very clear: the systematic decline in the bear market has ended! However, the end of the bear market and the start of a bull market are not the same concept. We do not believe that the market will enter into a comprehensive and systematic bubble-driven bull market in t


WE THINK | Why Did the Stock Market Accelerate Its Decline in January? How Far Is Spring Away?

"The bear market gestates in frenzy, takes shape in uncertainty, develops in numbness, matures in pessimism, and ends in despair."


2024 Outlook:Is 2024 going to be better? Or not?

The bad news is that the stock market has been in a bear market for three consecutive years and many people have lost a significant amount of money. The good news is that due to the decline in the stock market, stock valuations have become very cheap again.


WE THINK – How to look at the surge of small caps and Beijing Stock Exchange Frenzy

In spring, it is normal to experience some market fluctuations and adjustments. Investors who remain committed to the equity market during this period may need to endure some short-term pain. However, the experiences from multiple market cycles have taught us that enduring the challenges of the spri


WE THINK: Sino-US Relationship is Improving from Many Aspects

Specific strategies include maintaining a moderately high position, continuously optimizing the portfolio, and selecting high-quality growth stocks and high-dividend stocks. As for cyclical growth stocks, the time to exit may not be far off.


WE THINK: Headwind Persists but We Shall Prevail

Patience is advised in the bottom range to position oneself in excellent companies. Give policy measures some time, give "crops" sufficient time to grow, avoid impatience and allow for spring blossoms to come naturally.


WE THINK: We Face Despair, Yet Again

during particularly optimistic or pessimistic stages, if we continue to think in terms of extrapolating trends, it is easy to make strategic mistakes. It should be noted that there has already been a significant reversal in policy support, and we believe that positive changes in the stock market and


WE THINK: Do not underestimate Chinese government’s determination

While others may hold a different point of view than ours, we are dedicated to follow the government’s call-to-arms and start switching our portfolio into a more aggressive stance with higher portfolio weighting.


WE THINK: Insights from a recent Gu Chaoming’s interview

The decline in internal consumptions and real estate markets are problems that are not new to the world, and therefore we believe China has a great chance to overcome such issues through learning from the history of others.

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