WE THINK: Sino-US Relationship is Improving from Many Aspects

Specific strategies include maintaining a moderately high position, continuously optimizing the portfolio, and selecting high-quality growth stocks and high-dividend stocks. As for cyclical growth stocks, the time to exit may not be far off.


WE THINK: Headwind Persists but We Shall Prevail

Patience is advised in the bottom range to position oneself in excellent companies. Give policy measures some time, give "crops" sufficient time to grow, avoid impatience and allow for spring blossoms to come naturally.


WE THINK: We Face Despair, Yet Again

during particularly optimistic or pessimistic stages, if we continue to think in terms of extrapolating trends, it is easy to make strategic mistakes. It should be noted that there has already been a significant reversal in policy support, and we believe that positive changes in the stock market and


WE THINK: Do not underestimate Chinese government’s determination

While others may hold a different point of view than ours, we are dedicated to follow the government’s call-to-arms and start switching our portfolio into a more aggressive stance with higher portfolio weighting.


WE THINK: Insights from a recent Gu Chaoming’s interview

The decline in internal consumptions and real estate markets are problems that are not new to the world, and therefore we believe China has a great chance to overcome such issues through learning from the history of others.


WE THINK: How to avoid balance sheet recession ? Don't leave at trough !

the avoidance of balance sheet recession is done by stabilizing asset prices! If prices weren’t stabilized, each aspect in the economy would undergo a negative downward spiral of selling of assets to deleverage, and to repeat as prices were drove down. So in order to avoid a balance sheet recession,


WE THINK: Why the Fed is becoming the problem itself ? How to face irrationalities in the market ?

we have learned to become graceful towards all irrationalities, as we understand this is one of the most important characteristics of market cycle. As an investment manager in the listed securities market, we believe that 1) the most important part of alpha comes from pick stocks with revenues earni


WE THINK: Change of a century how should we treat GPT? Engage or disengage?

While we think that AI-related segments have been too hot recently, it is still a good thing for the capital market to have a consensus and money-making for investors. This bubble effect will ripple out and radiate into other sectors or themes with potential, increasing the overall investment sentim


WE THINK: Don't be fooled by short-term uncertainties. The hardest thing in investment (14) – understanding the core issue by seeing through superficial

we would discuss the typical Spring performance and corresponding investment strategies, what are the short-term obstacles that blocks you from seeing the core issue of matters, and why is such the most important ability we ask for as a research analyst.


WE THINK: Knowing where growth will come in 2023 through micro observations

While mediocre look at results, professional look at causes; If Macro data are results of the economy, then Micro economic activities are the causes of such data.


WE THINK: 2023 Overview: Winter has passed, Spring is coming

Much happened in the past year and we will try to conclude the events with the following keywords: geopolitical disputes, inflation & recession, globalization, foreign affairs, China’s anti-pandemic controls, Chinese real estate market, Chinese economy, global economy, and global capital markets.


WE THINK: Walking out from the Illness; Market continues its rally in the midst of doubt

Stock markets in November surprised many with its strong performance: Wind China all A Index rose 7.86%, Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng Tech Index rose 26.62% and 33.15% respectively, while NASDAQ Golden Dragon Index rose a fabulous 42.13%. From “Selling China” in October to “Buying China” in Novembe

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